DIY Bra Strap Concealer

The Problem: Peek-A-Boo Bra Straps
The Solution: A Simple, Sew-In, Snap Guide

We all have a shirt or two that we LOVE, but every time we wear it, our bra strap ends up playing peek-a-boo. It’s frustrating, annoying, and even embarrassing. We have to be on guard, paying attention to our every move so that should the shirt slip a little, we don’t end up showing a lot. You know what I mean…and it always happens at the most inconvenient time, too.

• Grosgrain Ribbon, ¼“ to ⅜” Wide
• 2 Sew-in Snap Sets
• Machine, or Needle & Matching Thread (matching your shirt color)
• Marking Pen (Evaporating)/Pencil/Taylor’s Chalk

1. Put “that” shirt on.
2. Look in the mirror. Adjust the shirt so that it is sitting correctly on your shoulders. Nothing peeking.
3. Mark the shoulder seam, where your bra strap is sitting, on both sides of the strap. Both Shoulders.
4. Transfer these marks to the inside of the shirt/shoulder seam for later reference. (I find holding the shirt up to the window is hugely helpful in seeing the marks, and then the glass becomes a solid surface to support the marking of the space.)
5. Measure the distance between the marks on each shoulder…they should be the same. (Although, remember that not all bra straps are the same width. Some are thick, some are thin, and some are padded. All of mine are the same because I have a particular bra style that I love for comfort and support, but yours may be different and you might need to make appropriate accommodations.)
6. Double that measurement and add ½” for the length of the grosgrain ribbon. Do this twice, one for each shoulder. (You’ll only sew on half of this length of ribbon though, so that the other half can be free to wrap around your bra strap and then be snapped in place.)
7. Melt the ends of the ribbon(s) with a quick pass of a lighter.
8. On one side/face of the ribbon, sew on the snap parts near the lateral ends.Peek-A-Boo Bra Fix 1 (2)

9. Sew-in the ribbon between the lines you drew on each shoulder, making sure to “lock” the beginning and end of this short, centered seam. (Locking” the seam means to move forward a couple of stitches, and then go in reverse a couple of stitches, and then move forward again.) This seam can be “hidden” in the existing shoulder seam, but make sure to use thread matching the color of your shirt just in case your seam line isn’t so straight. 😉

RIGHT SHOULDER: (inside-back of the shirt is facing you)Peek-A-Boo Bra Fix 2 (2)

LEFT SHOULDER: (inside-back of the shirt is facing you)Peek-A-Boo Bra Fix 3 (2)

So, here is what we have:

Peek-A-Boo Bra Fix 4 (2)

10. The floppy, unattached ends now are ready to go under your bra strap on each side, and snap in place. No more Peek-A-Boo! Problem solved!

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DIY Paper (Cardstock) Ornament

From one side, the ornament will look green.  From the other side, the ornament will look red.  This is a fun and simple project for the kids to make as gifts for the local nursing home, neighbors, teachers, coaches, pastors, or whomever.  They are great present toppers and stocking charms, too.  Have fun!

(I apologize for the quality of the photos. My camera is MIA, so I had to use my phone.)

2nd Ornament 3
3rd Ornament 3

3rd Ornament 2

Paper Ornament 1

Paper Ornament 2

Paper Ornament 3

Paper Ornament 4

Paper Ornament 5

Paper Ornament 6

Paper Ornament 7

Paper Ornament 8

Paper Ornament 9

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Leave of Absence

Hello, Friends!  As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been a lot going on here. We’re sorry about that. Jen had to go back to work in order to help out with her family finances, and the blog was one of her favorite – though time consuming – things to do. So, the blog is on hold. But, she still gets to help people!

Please show her some support at her new job:  REALTOR® for Keller Williams Advantage III Realty. If you or someone you know is interested in selling, buying, or investing in real estate, please contact Jen with a name, email address, and phone number. Jen works mainly in the Orlando-St. Cloud area of Florida, but she can refer anyone to an agent in almost any city in the US…and then collect a modest referral fee upon closing. (Keller WIlliams has over 700 offices!) Her info:

Jen Whelan, REALTOR®
Keller Williams Advantage III Realty
9161 Narcoossee Road, Suite 107
Orlando, FL 32827
Office:  407-207-0825
Cell:  407-808-7599  (Feel free to text.)
Website:  (Register for FREE access to the multiple listing system.)

If you cannot help out with a real estate referral, please add Jen and her real estate business to your prayers.  Thank you!

Have a safe, happy, and blessed 4th of July!

Jen's Business Card

Jen’s Business Card

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DIY Tiered Skirt

The Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

The Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

The Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

You are not going to believe how simple this is!

Perfect for everyday, this popular children’s (and adult’s) skirt style is literally three rectangles, gathered and sewn together.

Based on my 9YO daughter, this is what I did:

Fabric Pieces for Skirt


100% Cotton Calico, 2 Coordinating Prints, 1 yard (red) and ½ yard (blue)


I measured from her waist down to the length where I wanted the skirt’s hem to land.

I took that length, and divided it by 3 (b/c I was making the skirt have 3 tiers).  This answer is now the base length (B) for each tier.

I added 2″ inches to the first, uppermost tier, so that I could make a casing for the elastic (¾” no-roll elastic), include seam allowance, and not interfere with the overall length.

The second tier and third tiers needed 1 ¼” added to the lengths for standard ⅝” seam allowances.

Basic Width: (WOF means Width Of Fabric, from Selvage to Selvage)

(A) Top Tier = WOF

(C) Middle Tier* = WOF + ½ WOF

(D) Bottom Tier = WOF X 2

          (E) {Bottom Tier for Teen/Adult = WOF X 3}


Optional SUPER Twirly Width:

(A) Top Tier = WOF

(C) Middle Tier* = WOF X 2

(D) Bottom Tier = WOF X 3

          (E) {Bottom Tier for Teen/Adult = WOF X 4}


Sew the individual tiers together to make long rectangles for the 2nd and 3rd tiers, where additional width is required.

Sew each tier’s short sides together, creating a loop.

Then, finish these tiers with a tiny rolled hem (awesome if you have a serger for this) along both long sides of each tier.

Fabric Loops for Skirt

For the top tier: Create a 1″ casing for your elastic along the top and insert the elastic, and create a tiny rolled hem along the bottom.

Next, use a marking pencil or chalk to mark ⅝ inch (all the way around) measured up from the bottom of the 1st and 2nd tiers. You will use this line for placement of subsequent tiers.

Using a running stitch, gather the top of the second tier, evenly disperse it, and sew it on top of the 1st tier using your line that you drew as a placement guide.

Connecting Fabric Pieces

Using a running stitch, gather the top of the 3rd tier, evenly disperse it, and sew it on top of the 2nd tier using your line that you drew as a placement guide.

Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

Ta-Da!  Simple, right?

Notes:  *An Adult Size Would Begin HERE as the Top Tier.  (E) would also be used.

Printable PDF:  Click HERE.

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DIY Overalls into OverSKIRT

(Just in case you missed our most recent email with an incredible deal on our curriculum, click HERE.)

Convert denim overalls that are too short into an overskirt using an old pair of jeans.

Things you will need:

  • a pair of bibbed overalls
  • a pair of jeans to cut the legs off of and “donate them” to the overalls
  • scissors
  • pins
  • a sewing machine with a Denim Needle (a Universal Needle should work, too)
  • Thread

I have just one suggestion:  Try to use donor jean fabric that is the same approximate weight as the skirt.  It is tempting to use just any old jeans you have lying around but the result is a stiff section of skirt that doesn’t drape or lay well.

  •    Seam rip (or frog-stitch) the inseam of the overalls.

  •   Lay the back seam over to one side.

  •    Clip to ¼ inch before the curve straightens.

  •   Lay cut flap down.

  •  Fold in raw edge of piece with seam, overlap over cut piece and pin.
  •  Stitch flap in place.

  •   Repeat steps 5, 6, & 7 on the front.

  • Prepare the donor jeans by cutting the legs off at the approximate length needed to fill in the openings of both the front and the back of the future skirt.

  •   Fold under the raw edges of the skirt and pin the donor piece inside the opening.  Straight stitch in place.

  •  Repeat on the back of the skirt.  Trim off any excess fabric from the donor jeans.  (BTW.  The seam from the donor jeans does not have to be centered.  It can be any way you want it.)

You did it!

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Bloopers and Out-takes from the Set of “Home Economics – You CAN Sew, Quilting Edition”

Would you like to laugh?!  Here is a quick little video of some of the silly things that happened during the filming of our most recent curriculum, Home Economics – You CAN Sew, Quilting Edition. (Yes! It is finally FINISHED! Hooray!) Enjoy!

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Sneak Peek into New Quilting Curriculum

This is just the first class, so it is fairly simple. If you look behind Dee, however, you can see some of the awesome projects hanging on the wall which we’ll be walking you through during the course. I am almost giddy!

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