DIY Tiered Skirt

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The Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

The Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

The Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

You are not going to believe how simple this is!

Perfect for everyday, this popular children’s (and adult’s) skirt style is literally three rectangles, gathered and sewn together.

Based on my 9YO daughter, this is what I did:

Fabric Pieces for Skirt


100% Cotton Calico, 2 Coordinating Prints, 1 yard (red) and ½ yard (blue)


I measured from her waist down to the length where I wanted the skirt’s hem to land.

I took that length, and divided it by 3 (b/c I was making the skirt have 3 tiers).  This answer is now the base length (B) for each tier.

I added 2″ inches to the first, uppermost tier, so that I could make a casing for the elastic (¾” no-roll elastic), include seam allowance, and not interfere with the overall length.

The second tier and third tiers needed 1 ¼” added to the lengths for standard ⅝” seam allowances.

Basic Width: (WOF means Width Of Fabric, from Selvage to Selvage)

(A) Top Tier = WOF

(C) Middle Tier* = WOF + ½ WOF

(D) Bottom Tier = WOF X 2

          (E) {Bottom Tier for Teen/Adult = WOF X 3}


Optional SUPER Twirly Width:

(A) Top Tier = WOF

(C) Middle Tier* = WOF X 2

(D) Bottom Tier = WOF X 3

          (E) {Bottom Tier for Teen/Adult = WOF X 4}


Sew the individual tiers together to make long rectangles for the 2nd and 3rd tiers, where additional width is required.

Sew each tier’s short sides together, creating a loop.

Then, finish these tiers with a tiny rolled hem (awesome if you have a serger for this) along both long sides of each tier.

Fabric Loops for Skirt

For the top tier: Create a 1″ casing for your elastic along the top and insert the elastic, and create a tiny rolled hem along the bottom.

Next, use a marking pencil or chalk to mark ⅝ inch (all the way around) measured up from the bottom of the 1st and 2nd tiers. You will use this line for placement of subsequent tiers.

Using a running stitch, gather the top of the second tier, evenly disperse it, and sew it on top of the 1st tier using your line that you drew as a placement guide.

Connecting Fabric Pieces

Using a running stitch, gather the top of the 3rd tier, evenly disperse it, and sew it on top of the 2nd tier using your line that you drew as a placement guide.

Triple Tiered Twirly Skirt

Ta-Da!  Simple, right?

Notes:  *An Adult Size Would Begin HERE as the Top Tier.  (E) would also be used.

Printable PDF:  Click HERE.


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